# Introduction

rabbit-digger is a proxy software written in Rust (opens new window).

It is still in the rapid development stage. The documentation may not be consistent with actual usage, so please submit an issue (opens new window) if you find any inconsistencies.

# Supported Protocol

  • Shadowsocks
  • Trojan
  • HTTP
  • Socks5
  • obfs(http_simple)

# Supported Server Protocol

  • Socks5
  • HTTP
  • http+socks on the same port
  • Shadowsocks

# Installation

Go to the Release page (opens new window) to download the binary file.

# Common Usage

# Normal mode

rabbit-digger-pro -c config.example.yaml

# Normal mode + Control port + Access Token

rabbit-digger-pro -c config.example.yaml -b --access-token token

# Control mode, without any config at launch

rabbit-digger-pro server -b --access-token token

# Command line parameters

rabbit-digger-pro 0.1.0

    rabbit-digger-pro [OPTIONS] [SUBCOMMAND]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --access-token <access-token>    Access token [env: RD_ACCESS_TOKEN=]
    -b, --bind <bind>                    HTTP endpoint bind address [env: RD_BIND=]
    -c, --config <config>                Path to config file [env: RD_CONFIG=]  [default: config.yaml]
        --userdata <userdata>            Userdata [env: RD_USERDATA=]
        --web-ui <web-ui>                Web UI. Folder path [env: RD_WEB_UI=]
        --write-config <write-config>    Write generated config to path

    generate-schema    Generate schema to path, if not present, output to stdout
    help               Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    server             Run in server mode
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